Explored on June 22, 2015

I have been a fan of Big Bang since their song 거짓말/Lies came out in 2007. Their irresistible swagger and obvious talent captivated me (and almost all of Korea) through my big fat television screen. Now, at the top of the music industry, they have stolen the eyes, ears, hearts, and basically every single body part in the human body, of fans all around the world. From pop icon G-Dragon(GD)’s impeccable skill of creating music, TOP’s charismatic glare and his deep, husky voice, Daesung’s endearing 눈웃음/smile with his eyes, Taeyang’s spectacular dance moves, to Seungri’s hilarious confidence, Big Bang is a unique group that far surpasses the expectations and prejudices that comes with being a “boy band”. They bring out a sense of “go cray”, have fun, “you do you” through their performances – from their free spirit on stage to their fashionable yet shocking (for a conservative nation like Korea) outfit choices. It breaks the standards Koreans tend to have for students like me (yes, the Asian stereotype is PARTLY true) – do well in school, only pursue careers that will bring you a steady income, stay conservative, don’t rebel. Perhaps that is why they are so popular – they go against the norm. And I am happy they do. It may seem rebellious, but I believe they inspire fans to do what they love. Slowly yet steadily, through their music and performances, Big Bang is re-shaping the culture of Korea.

In addition to music, each of the members continue to woo and encourage fans through their solo activities. Recently, GD has collaborated with several other artists to open an art exhibition at the 서울시립미술관/Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA). A topic of criticism and praise, his exhibition has wow-ed me as much as his music has. Trying my best to hold back on details because I really (x infinity) hope that you will visit the museum to see the arts for yourself (it ends August 23rd), I’ll quickly try to express my awe in words – although these words really won’t do this exhibition justice.

When I first entered into the black wall-ed room, I didn’t know where to put my eyes. Filled with goods from Big Bang and GD’s solo music videos, GD’s personal possessions and favorite artworks, and large cubes portraying pictures of GD on every face, the first section of the exhibition was chaotic yet beautiful. Continuing to venture into other light, dark, dim rooms spread out across two floors,  I stared at each artwork in amazement. As an artistically challenged person, I wondered HOW DO ARTISTS COME UP WITH THESE IDEAS, AND HOW DO THEY EXECUTE THEM? Every inch of the exhibition enticed me, keeping me mesmerized in there for who knows how long. It was a place where artists, art enthusiasts, and even people who know nothing about art (like me) could stand together and simply be amazed. From video art to structural art that wrapped the staircases, this exhibition was everything but lacking.

*Check out the official site for more details on this wonderful exhibition!

Lyrics from GD's song, Coup D'État

Lyrics from GD’s song, Coup D’État


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